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Healthy lifestyle demands positive mindset. With a pleasant and beautiful interiors at home, gives a new energy and joy in your lives. “Jaya Builders have become one of the top interior design company in ECIL”.
While we all enjoy the true essence of urban lifestyle, there are a few challenges we need to handle such as energy consumption and control, limited space, and privacy. With ample experience and new age designing techniques, Jaya Builders will help you overcome these challanges and make your house stylish and most comfortable. With many happy clients.

beautiful interiors

Renovation and Development
There are numerous advantages of choosing Jaya Builders interior designer. Specially when you are living in the most happening place in Hyderabad.
Due to metropolitan lifestyle, colonies and residential areas has become overcrowded and congested. This led to block air, sunlight to enter our household. With our efficient and smart designing techniques, we ensure you get proper sunlight and air into your house.

Effective utilisation of space

We design ceiling, hallway and corridor spaces to utilise maximum while minimising transitional areas This will balance the overall size of your house with the free and accessible space inside the house.
We incorporate large window frames and design the interiors with respect to sunlight and fresh air passage inside the house.
Jaya Builders always blends aesthetic values, structural efficiency, and a unique design that stands apart from other buildings. Jaya Builders is continuing it’s journey to make people’s lives happy and enjoyable with its unique approach and efficient designs. This led us to create a strong customer base and made us one of the top interior design company in ECIL.